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# Dcoument Name Link
1.    Form-SS4-EIN-Number
2.    LLC-general-articles-of-organization
3.    LLC-minutes-of-first-meeting
4.    Special-meeting-minutes-LLC
5.    A_LLC_Annual-minutes-of-meeting
6.    Operating-agreement
7.    Manager-managed-operating-agreement-long-form
8.    LLC-resolution-to-open-a-bank-account
9.    LLC_Member_Contribution_agreement
10.    LLC_membership_Cert-4
11.    Single-member-managed-operating-agreement-long-form
12.    Multiple-member-managed-operating-agreement-short-form
13.    Resolutions-by-llc-members
14.    Resolutions-by-llc-managers
15.    Amendment-to-llc-articles-of-organization
16.    Amendment-to-llc-operating-agreement
17.    Bill_of_Sale_to_Sell_Assets_to_a_Member
18.    Bill_of_sale_llc_membership_interests
19.    Pubrec

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